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Posted on: April 19, 2010

A few posts ago I posted a link to a video of someone using the Throwing Off the Hump technique to make several tea bowls in a short amount of time. I watched that video over and over and finally decided to try it out for myself. I throw smaller things but never have done the off the hump thing of throwing several items off one large lump of clay. The session was a little rocky, and pretty much every single one has a bit of a bump in it from taking it off the hump to place on a board, which is the main thing I need to practice on. However, I got some decent little cups/bowls, and they have quite a bit of thickness on the bottom for fun times trimming.

Also I got a paying part-time job near the studio so I have been making more frequent stops in there so I will definitely be trying this once more soon. I threw this set with grey classroom clay which is high-fire and something I haven’t been throwing with in a while. I just didn’t want to waste a lot of my nice low-fire clay in case I never got the hang of it. I also made a  normal sized bowl once I was down to a smaller lump. The next session I will use my low-fire, either the white or the red, I think I have more red so we’ll see.

Here are photos of the what I was able to make. One includes my hand (which is small anyway lol) to give you a reference to how small they are.

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