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New Coil/Slab Piece – Disaster Edition

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Been working on a new coil/slab sculpture dealing with faces. I have a friend that has a rather interesting profile angle of his face, and my own face is pretty much fantastic so I decided to use them in sculpture. I have done a self portrait in clay before, which isn’t that great… I often make it face the wall so I don’t have to see it’s face. But for this project I just used profile silhouettes. I plan on doing a series, all having half of it be my face, and the other be other peoples faces; other friends, family, interesting and willing strangers!

Now for the DISASTER that was kind of averted. Last week I went to studio and there was a glaze firing done (see previous post for excitement!) and so while I was taking photos and then later packing up things in boxes my friend (who is the same friend I am using for the project) was working on something of his own. I asked him while he was spraying and covering his own stuff if he would spray and cover our faces while I was packing up. He sprayed it… but didn’t cover it! I am kicking myself that I didn’t go back and check. i went to bed that nite and had the sudden though “I bet he didn’t cover it!” I couldn’t get there the next day, but on the following day I went in and sure it was VERY dry. It still needed some polishing especially on the inside.

The sculpture didn’t take too kindly to being sprayed and fiddled with. I got some level of smoothness on the outside. It broke once and got a crack in the “neck” area. The break was able to be healed with a slip and score and I cut away the “neck area completely  and smoothed it out. The inside is still a little weird not as smooth as I would like, but I can’t do anything about it now without causing major crackness, and cracks are wack!

Anyway it’s not terrible but it could have been better, a few weeks of work is now kind of just a test piece. 😦 There have been several ideas floating about as to what to do with these; cutting out the base and having them stand as hollow silhouettes in different sizes, putting a top on them making it like a face shaped box, etc. I think I might hang this one on the wall. I still have the cardboard cutouts to try another Deidre/Paul piece.

Here are some pictures pre and post ceramic surgery.


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