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SURPRISE! I have finished product finally!!

Posted on: April 12, 2010

YAY! A low-fire glaze fire went thru which brought me over 30 NEW items. I will be listing them on etsy over the month. Some I might just save especially for a Farmers & Artists market I plan on participating in this summer.

Can I just say that I am in love with the White low-fire clay. The colour really pops right off it. everything in this batch is so bright, perfect for spring and summer. I got some interesting (in a good way) effects from some crystal and metal elements glazes. There is one that came out kind of green and brown in areas, almost raku like that is fabulous… but I cannot remember which glaze it was. 😦 I really need to start keeping more accurate notes and not rely on my memory.

I came out with over 30 new items; cups, bowls, vessels, flower sculptures (standing and to go on stakes). I am hoping I can get a lot more done before starting the market. I will only be doing one date a month and this might be enough to hold me over the first month (May) but I’d like to have more than enough!

Here are some pictures of everything, see it here first. I have already listed 2 items and hope to get more up soon so the pictures can be used for this business card special with etsy that lasts until the end of the month. I am almost out of my previous business cards and need a restock. Get in on the items while you can, once the market starts I will most likely be putting my shop on hibernation, maybe leaving a few of the larger pieces in it.


1 Response to "SURPRISE! I have finished product finally!!"

You are a very productive potter! I love the polkadots you put on some of your pieces!

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