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Posted on: December 27, 2009

One of my New Years resolutions is to finally get clean… and by that I mean clean my room! It is a monstrosity of epic proportions. Every time I need to find something it involves climbing over mountains of objects, hoping I am not stepping on anything valuable or breakable, and trying really hard to slip and fall and bust my butt. So much stuff accumulates, things other family members think I might want, like old catalogues and packing material. Or things that I think I need and just never use. Or the fact that I am very lazy about putting away my clothes. Each year I start and get a little area clean and then give up, but I think maybe 2010 will be the year??

Anyway back to my initial thought, while I am doing all this cleaning I am certain some of the stuff that will be found under the mess will be crafting items I have never or barely used. Which means destash listings on etsy, to be exact. Being on etsy you get to learn new words, like ‘destash’ for those of you that don’t know destash is a term used for items that get stacked up by crafters that they  need to clean out and get rid of, getting rid of their stash. Check out my shop for my contributions to the destash piles, I am sure there will be more if I truly do get my room clean 🙂


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